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siddhesh in ayttm

YMSG16 and more

Authentication for Yahoo protocol version 16 is finally up and running in the netv2 branch of ayttm. I committed the last part of the login sequence, the address book download from the new location (address.yahoo.com).

Things look quite promising for the netv2 branch with a lot of changes like:

  • Revamped networking code to have connection negotiations happen in parallel. As a result of this change ayttm is multi-threaded now. It no longer hangs if the DNS servers or proxies are unavailable. We need people testing for proxies to make sure it works well.
  • SSL is now integrated into the networking code. So any protocol can have easy access to an SSL connection with just the flip of a switch. This has simplified a lot of the protocol code as well
  • Changes to individual protocols to work with the new networking code. Currently Yahoo, Jabber and IRC are done. I am working on MSN
Once the MSN porting is done, this branch should be ready to be merged into trunk, where there is some action happening as well. Piotr Stefaniak has been contributing a lot of improvements to the jabber module as well as the core. Thanks Piotr!