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Ayttm workout at FOSS.IN/2009

FOSS.IN workouts are a good way to get a lot of real work done. The FOSS.IN/2009 Call for Participation is out and we're putting in a workout proposal this year too.

We did a submission last year but it was not accepted. Philip then arranged for a BoF at the event, where he helped to build ayttm on a Ubuntu box and I tried getting async DNS lookups going. Since then, we have managed to take care of a lot of last years wish list with 0.6.0. There are still some remaining and based on that and a few new ones, here's a list of TODOs for the ayttm workout for FOSS.IN/2009.

  1. Revive the Windows port. This should be a little easier than before due the fact that a lot of networking code has now been modularized into a single library
  2. MSN File Transfer
  3. A nice clean smiley set in MNG/PNG format
  4. Icons
  5. Update translations
  6. Implement name completion in chat rooms
  7. Package ayttm for $MY_FAVOURITE_DISTRO
  8. Port ayttm to $MY_FAVOURITE_OS


0. Register as a delegate at FOSS.IN/2009

Other than that, the most important prerequisite to participating in this session is to have a prior idea of what you're planning to do. A prior study of the code base would only make things easier. Other prerequisites vary for the tasks and can be mapped by serial number:

  1. Knowledge of build tools for Windows. Programming: C/C++, gtk2, glib2
  2. C/C++, wireshark dump/tcpdump analysis
  3. An eye for design. Knowledge of FOSS design tools (gimp, inkscape, etc.)
  4. An eye for design. Knowledge of FOSS design tools (gimp, inkscape, etc.)
  5. Should know how to write/update translations
  6. C/C++, gtk2, glib2
  7. Packaging guidlines for $MY_FAVOURITE_DISTRO. Basic knowledge of building autotools based applications
  8. Knowledge of build tool chain for $MY_FAVOURITE_OS
Further updates to this workout proposal will come either as updates to this post or in the comments, so bookmark it or subscribe to our feed to keep track.
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