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siddhesh in ayttm

Hello Ayttm Wiki

Ayttm now has a wiki! The wiki will be used for documenting various things about ayttm, from the application architecture to the user manual. The user manual is currently a bunch of unwieldy pages in the website. I'm planning to get all of that into the wiki to make things more manageable.

The primary motivation to do this is that I have to provide a link to the application architecture documentation for the Ayttm workout at FOSS.in. I have already written a first draft of the application architecture as well as an article on writing Service plugins, the latter being rewritten from $(topsrcdir)/doc/eb-service-writing-howto.txt.




The 6.X series has some nice new features, lots of good feedback on the Puppy Forums. Great job. I hope the wiki eventually becomes a wiki.

The "wiki" may as well be a web page, since it is not editable... I was going to add a detailed compiling howto based on experiences compiling the package for Puppy. Any way to get edit access?

While I agree that aspell is better, enchant would allow aspell AND almost any *spell including hunspell (can be shared with firefox, seamonkey) as well as myspell, ispell and others that support international languages. There used to be documentation on porting from aspell to enchant on abisource.com. The abiword guys have some great tricks up their sleeves... now their plugins can even be builtin - another feature I would love to see in ayttm (it shrinks the overall size by ~10% and speeds up execution). These are all minor issues, but Puppians miss their spell check in their messaging client (aspell dictionaries were a size buster)

keep up the good work


Re: enchanting

Hi technosaurus,

I'm not sure if you'll get this response via email, so I hope you come back to see this :)

If you access the wiki with your sourceforge username at this link:


(note the https instead of http), your username will turn up in the users list for the wiki. Once that is done, all you have to do is drop an email to the ayttm-users or ayttm-devel list and request for edit access to the wiki, mentioning your sourceforge username.

This is slightly cumbersome I guess, but it seems to be the only way to do this on sourceforge. Moving to another provider at this stage is too much work.

As for the spell-check to use enchant, I'll look it up. Seems promising, especially since it will be able to use any dictionary.