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siddhesh in ayttm

Ayttm 0.6.2 is out in the wild!

Here is another release of ayttm with a bunch of improvements, especially to the UI code:

  • Reworked chat window look and also under the hood. The code is much cleaner as a result
  • Fixed some linker related bugs raised in Fedora and Debian bug trackers
  • Clean up the chat notifications (Buddy arrive,, leave, etc.)
  • IRC kick. Go kick your buddy now ;)
  • expat security fixes (CVE-2009-3560 CVE-2009-3720)
  • Yahoo Buzz
  • Yahoo address book fixes
  • Fixed multiple buffer overflows and crashes in MSN and Yahoo
  • Enchat/hunspell support for spell check. This replaces aspell

Here is the complete Changelog of updates since the last release.




"Enchat/hunspell support for spell check. This replaces aspell"
Great news - thanks


Regression with PC suspend/resume

Current version of ayttm after suspend/resume will show you still online, and all buddies still there. You can even chat with them, the messages just don't go anywhere (try chatting with yourself).

Older versions (it's been a few since I last upgraded) would correctly update status within a couple minutes after resume. A very, very nasty regression. Presumably, this is a sign that status is NEVER being checked, and other causes of lost connection would go unnoticed as well.

FWIW, this is with ayttm-0.6.2-2.fc13.i686.rpm on Fedora 13 using AIM.

Re: Regression with PC suspend/resume

Thanks for reporting this. Could you open a bug report on bugzilla.redhat.com or on sourceforge? That way the issue won't be missed accidentally.