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siddhesh in ayttm

Ayttm-0.6.3 released

Ayttm-0.6.3 has been released, mainly to break the monotony of absolutely _no_ updates since the last few months. This release contains some bug fixes and one very important change. Here is a short summary:

  • Yahoo support is now based on the libyahoo2 library. It always was, but earlier we had a copy of libyahoo2 in the source tree. Not anymore. The important thing that changes here is that you'll need the development libraries of libyahoo2 to be able to build ayttm now.
  • Fixes to spell check code
  • Some code clean up in the module loading section
  • You can always check the complete ChangeLog to find out the specifics of each of those changes.




some feedback

hello i'm a new Puppy Linux and Ayttm user and i like both a lot because of the their lightness, compliment for that and the care all you are for this software.
Anyway i'm using 0.6.2-1 version (because for Puppy Linux is still not available a pet file) and i have some boring troubles as:
- i save a name in contact field, but it does not remain saved (i save clicking "save" in edit contact window) :)
- icq protocol needs to recover name via icq friend finder site but anyway the same it doesn't remain saved
- i know MSN and other protocols don't permite to send and receive offline message ... OK we all will wait for that
- it crashes too much often
- seems as when it lose connection (may be only in MSN protocol?), it is not able to get it again... something as missing a function: "keep connection alive"

without this annoying troubles, (and as i mine personal wish lish: a facebook chat protocol available on it) it would be perfect. Light, essential, effective.
Sorry if i told something wrong or posted this in a wrong place, in a not skilled Linux user, but i like it.
best regards


Re: some feedback

Hi Luigi,

Thanks for your feedback; I'll hopefully get enough time to work on them soon. A good place to submit bugs and annoyances for ayttm is here:


You'll need to create a sourceforge.net account, but it is free and quite uncomplicated.

You can actually use facebook on ayttm even now, as follows:

1) In "Add or Delete Accounts" Add a new account with your facebook username and password and Service Type as "Jabber". Save and close.
2) In the "Edit Accounts" window, choose the account you just added and change the Server name to chat.facebook.com. Click OK to save.

Now you should be ready to connect to the facebook chat.

I just found a quirk where this will not work if you also have a gtalk account configured with the same email address. I will rework this in the future, so that you don't have to jump so many hoops for the common accounts.


0.6.3 on ubuntu 10.04

Hello sir, I have posted something of sf.


Maybe you would like to provide some assistance in any time convenient to you. Thanks a lot.