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trek and hack

siddhesh in ayttm

IRC in Ayttm

I've finally put out a first commit of the new IRC library code for ayttm on the libirc-mod branch in cvs. This one just loves to crash -- doesn't stay on for anything more than 15 minutes. Anyways, it felt good to see a complete implementation work at all. Crashes can be taken care of.

The main feature of this library is its modularity. I can add and/or remove features with ease as it has now been separated from all ayttm specific implementation. Add to that, there are some minor differences in behaviour as well as compared to the older implementation. For one, I think the login sequence should finally work on password protected servers -- the older implementation simply did not have support for it. Also, since NOTICE messages need not (and must not) be replied to, they're now shown as information popup windows.

I must thank Barry Kauler and George Black for getting us to start working on revamping the IRC protocol plugin.



I don't like popups too much. We need a better way to pass system messages to the user without disrupting their flow.

Neither do I, but that seemed like a more logical thing to do at that time, just to differentiate them from the regular PRIVMSGs. It simply doesn't make sense to do it the pidgin way (or our old way) by opening a chat window for it. We're not supposed to reply to those NOTICEs anyway.

There are some alternate ideas as well, like putting ChanServ NOTICEs in the chat room window with a different colour and everything else in the Status Log window. The only complication is where would CTCP response NOTICEs would go. They're addressed directly to the querying user, so we would have to make some place for them. Any place else you can think of which would look better?

as long as they're differentiated from other messages, the chat window should be fine. We should get the puppy linux guys to chime in. they've been active on the irc channel.
Yeah but all NOTICEs are addressed directly to the user and not to the channel. So we'll probably have to do some dirty trickery to choose the right chat window. Either that or just end up opening a chat window between ChanServ and the user (the old way). That's as bad as a popup I guess, since we're not going to chat in it anyways.


Actually, probably nothing is as bad as a pop up. Xchat seems to just pass all these msgs to the chat window / tab. If you double click on a user ( whois ) that goes to the ChanServ window / tab. in the chat window we get user entered, ChanS gives voice, user exits. The entry and exit are useful if you are waiting for someone or planning to reply to them. I think you could burn the voice message since we get one for every entry message. This is, however, fine tuning. What I would like right now is for the auto chat login to work and then to put off the channel download until the user asked to see the list ( rare ). By the way - nice job on the chat divider line - works perfectly. I will help any way I can but I haven't programmed in years and my C programming was minor even then George

I guess I never noticed the difference as I keep closing the ChanServ window when the welcome message comes up; so it feels just as bad as a popup for me. I guess it makes sense in the way you put it though. So we're back to the pidgin/old ayttm IRC implementation for that :)

Ha - I see. I have everything on tabs so entries to ChanServ don't bother me - I don't see them until i click on that tab. BTW - Philip said this was a rewrite of Ayttm's irc - that's a lot of work - great job. George