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bluesmoon in ayttm

ayttm workout at foss.in

Over the last two years, the ayttm team has been hard at work on the architecture and UI base of this IM client. A major boost came through when ayttm was included as the default IM client in the puppy linux distribution, and puppy users have been quick to send in their feature requests and bug reports. The team now has more work than it has time to do, and we need some good developers to join in.


  1. Move to MSN protocol v15.
  2. Move to new libyahoo2 library.
  3. Clean up Jabber. More and more services are migrating to it.
  4. IRC features (channel operator functions, text formatting with ctcp, file transfer)
  5. Up-to-date translations
  6. Niftier artwork (icons, smileys, etc.), in PNG/MNG and related code changes.
  7. Icons/artwork for protocols
  8. Put icons into context menus
  9. UI related enhancements -- especially the main status window, prefs window, add account window and the chat window.
  10. Power up our tray icon right click
  11. Asynchronous DNS lookups and better handling for TCP drops/disconnects
There's more. There may not be time to do all of this during the workout, but people who are really interested will continue working on the project after FOSS.IN.


  • Must be fluent in C programming with ANSI C and glib
  • Gtk+ programming skills are useful for UI development
  • Strong network fundamentals for whoever wants to work on the protocol libraries or the connection issues
  • An eye for design for anyone wanting to work on icons and smileys
  • A desire to be a permanent developer of an IM application.

How To

If you'd like to participate, go register as a delegate at FOSS.IN. You can state your preference to take part in the workout at a later date.

You should also join the project mailing lists, and maybe visit the website.