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Ayttm-0.5.0-111 is out

Ayttm-0.5.0-111 has been released! There have been a number of improvements under the hood.


  • Users can specify a different character encoding for each of their chat rooms/windows. There is also a new preference added called "encodings", which can be used to specify the list of encodings to be used to decode incoming data in case it is not in UTF-8.
  • Pong for the IRC ping. This enables ayttm to be used with servers that require a pong to keep a connection alive
  • Conform to Debians Lintian standards
  • Multiple fixes to irc
  • Multiple fixes to jabber
  • Fixed multiple UI related issues
  • Lots of bug fixes
  • A new contributor in the form of Piotr Stefaniak :)
  • Conform to Fedora packaging standards by providing a workaround for libtool to enable use of *.so for dynamically loading modules. We should have a Fedora package soon!

View the full ChangeLog

Report bugs here

Coming up in the next release:

  • Support for the new yahoo messenger protocol. Our messenger has not been disabled yet since we use a very old protocol. The transition to the new protocol will happen before August 15th
  • Support for the new MSN protocol
  • Better connectivity support under the hood


  • Hunspell support
  • Prettier smileys and icons
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