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siddhesh in ayttm

YMSG16, MSNP15 on ayttm

A lot more has gone into ayttm since my last post here. Here's a quick look at things that have improved:

  • YMSG16 contact management is working now. One can add, remove and modify users and groups on the new yahoo protocol
  • MSNP15 has been implemented! We can now log in and chat using MSN protocol v15 using ayttm. This should work for all those users who were no longer able to login to their MSN accounts using ayttm
  • A lot of UI fixes by Piotr. He now has a direct commit access to ayttm and has been making good use of it :)

The next few days should see the following implemented:

  • Contact management for MSN. This sort of sucks because it needs to be implemented using SOAP -- and I hate it. It is too much data for a really small amount of information. I guess the official messenger needs all that information
  • Make all dialogs use stock icons for Accept/Deny or Ok/Cancel buttons so that we can get rid of some ugly pixmaps
  • Some buddy state/status related fixes and improvements

So stay tuned, we're not dead yet :)