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siddhesh in ayttm

Ayttm 0.6.0 -- The Big Fish!

This is by far the biggest release in that last two years because of the sheer number of components that have been touched. Here's an overview of the things that have changed in this release:

  • MSN Protocol updated to MSNP15
  • Yahoo protocol updated to YMSG16
  • Fixes to jabber. We now have service discovery and GMail notifications if you want it. The option is in your account preferences
  • Spellcheck is now provided by aspell by default. Pspell is long dead and we have finally let go
  • Overhaul of the networking code. We now have a transparent connection layer which takes care of SSL, proxies, etc. for the protocols. What's more, it's multi-threaded, and hence lives life on the edge. The good thing is that the interface will no longer hang when you're looking up a host name or connecting to your proxy.
  • Improvements in support of character encodings other than UTF-8. Ayttm now tries to convert incoming data into the correct encoding than crashing or whining. Look up the "encodings" option in your ~/.ayttm/prefs if you want to tweak its behaviour
  • Ayttm now uses stock icons wherever possible. This has resulted in a fair decrease in binary size (do I see Barry Kauler smiling? ;) ) and also makes the interface a little prettier.
  • Various fixes to the status window and chat window UI
  • Removed deprecated AIM-TOC, ICQ-TOC and ICQ modules from the package. You can still get them out of CVS, but I'll be removing them from there too pretty soon.

Here's the full Changelog for a full list of things that changed during this release.

Some features will be seen as missing, especially in the MSN protocol. The reason for this is that the MSN protocol module has been written from scratch now and hence a number of features such as File Transfer, netmeeting integration, etc. are missing. Those things will come in when they're ready.

The livejournal and smtp plugins have not yet been updated to work with the new networking subsystem and will thus fail to work and crash. They will be addressed in the next update.


perhaps Main on the website should be News
Yes, it should be.