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Jul. 11th, 2009



YMSG16 and more

Authentication for Yahoo protocol version 16 is finally up and running in the netv2 branch of ayttm. I committed the last part of the login sequence, the address book download from the new location (address.yahoo.com).

Things look quite promising for the netv2 branch with a lot of changes like:

  • Revamped networking code to have connection negotiations happen in parallel. As a result of this change ayttm is multi-threaded now. It no longer hangs if the DNS servers or proxies are unavailable. We need people testing for proxies to make sure it works well.
  • SSL is now integrated into the networking code. So any protocol can have easy access to an SSL connection with just the flip of a switch. This has simplified a lot of the protocol code as well
  • Changes to individual protocols to work with the new networking code. Currently Yahoo, Jabber and IRC are done. I am working on MSN
Once the MSN porting is done, this branch should be ready to be merged into trunk, where there is some action happening as well. Piotr Stefaniak has been contributing a lot of improvements to the jabber module as well as the core. Thanks Piotr!

Nov. 11th, 2008



New Release - Ayttm 0.5.0-82

Yet another release. Many thanks to George Black, Barry Kauler and the Puppy Linux team and users for their contribution in testing ayttm and reporting bugs -- yes, lots of them :).

So here's what we have this time:

  • New IRC protocol library
  • Remove the old AIM and ICQ protocols in favour of the AIM-ICQ (OSCAR) protocol
  • Buddy management now in IRC as well
  • Finally we have icons on menus. Cleaned up some of the older icons as well
  • Lots of bug fixes

The detailed ChangeLog is in CVS.

Oct. 26th, 2008



ayttm workout at foss.in

Over the last two years, the ayttm team has been hard at work on the architecture and UI base of this IM client. A major boost came through when ayttm was included as the default IM client in the puppy linux distribution, and puppy users have been quick to send in their feature requests and bug reports. The team now has more work than it has time to do, and we need some good developers to join in.


  1. Move to MSN protocol v15.
  2. Move to new libyahoo2 library.
  3. Clean up Jabber. More and more services are migrating to it.
  4. IRC features (channel operator functions, text formatting with ctcp, file transfer)
  5. Up-to-date translations
  6. Niftier artwork (icons, smileys, etc.), in PNG/MNG and related code changes.
  7. Icons/artwork for protocols
  8. Put icons into context menus
  9. UI related enhancements -- especially the main status window, prefs window, add account window and the chat window.
  10. Power up our tray icon right click
  11. Asynchronous DNS lookups and better handling for TCP drops/disconnects
There's more. There may not be time to do all of this during the workout, but people who are really interested will continue working on the project after FOSS.IN.


  • Must be fluent in C programming with ANSI C and glib
  • Gtk+ programming skills are useful for UI development
  • Strong network fundamentals for whoever wants to work on the protocol libraries or the connection issues
  • An eye for design for anyone wanting to work on icons and smileys
  • A desire to be a permanent developer of an IM application.

How To

If you'd like to participate, go register as a delegate at FOSS.IN. You can state your preference to take part in the workout at a later date.

You should also join the project mailing lists, and maybe visit the website.

Aug. 25th, 2008



Yahoo file transfer fixed... almost

Finally, yahoo file transfer now works both ways in ayttm with Kopete. You won't be able to receive files from Pidgin though, since file sending in Pidgin is partly broken i.e. it can send files properly to messengers with the version 15 protocol, but not to those using older protocols. The fix is really trivial; I've put up a bug report and patch there.

Next step is to move yahoo protocol support to version 15. Before that, it would be nice if we could modularize libyahoo2. There's too much in a single file of 4500+ lines.

Jun. 5th, 2008

trek and hack


Ayttm Release v0.5.0-45

Yet another version of Ayttm out in the wild. This one does not have too many new bells and whistles though, barring the nifty little tray icon. Most of the changes have been bug fixes. The main reason we released is to get the yahoo protocol update out. Now Yahoo will no longer spew out the 'You messenger has expired' message when you login.


Jun. 3rd, 2008

trek and hack


IRC in Ayttm

I've finally put out a first commit of the new IRC library code for ayttm on the libirc-mod branch in cvs. This one just loves to crash -- doesn't stay on for anything more than 15 minutes. Anyways, it felt good to see a complete implementation work at all. Crashes can be taken care of.

The main feature of this library is its modularity. I can add and/or remove features with ease as it has now been separated from all ayttm specific implementation. Add to that, there are some minor differences in behaviour as well as compared to the older implementation. For one, I think the login sequence should finally work on password protected servers -- the older implementation simply did not have support for it. Also, since NOTICE messages need not (and must not) be replied to, they're now shown as information popup windows.

I must thank Barry Kauler and George Black for getting us to start working on revamping the IRC protocol plugin.


Feb. 1st, 2008



Solving the voice and video chat problem on linux

One thing that windows and mac users have had over linux users for a really long time is voice and video chat. While Skype has offered voice chat capabilities to linux users for a long time, their video offering only works with Windows and the Mac. Ayttm has, on the other hand, had video chat capabilities for several years, but for various non-technical reasons, we've been unable to add voice capabilities to the mix.

As I type this post, I've just gotten off a voice-video chat with my dad in Mumbai. The solution was pretty simple.

We got voice through Skype, and video through Ayttm, and ran the two in parallel. There weren't any discernible syncing issues.

Research has shown (though I can't find a link to the specific paper at the moment) that users will forgive bad video if audio quality is high enough. That's basically what you get with this arrangement. Yahoo! Messenger's video chat actually sends single frames spaced a few seconds apart rather than a video stream (Note, this information is publicly available via the libyahoo2 sources, courtesy Michaël Kamp), which means that you don't really see continuous lip movements, but you get the gist of facial expressions.

(X-posted to bluesmoon)

Dec. 14th, 2007



Writing Ayttm plugins

I've finally uploaded my slides for writing ayttm plugins, the talk I delivered at FOSS.IN/2007.

There's also this earlier EB Service writing HOWTO that I'd written when the project was still called Everybuddy.

(X-Posted on bluesmoon)

Oct. 22nd, 2007



Speaking at Foss.in (http://foss.in/2007/)

As mentioned on my journal, I'll be speaking at foss.in on writing ayttm plugins.

Aug. 20th, 2007



Finally There

Yes, the gtk2 port is finally out! We have a new release of ayttm - version 0.5.0-6. You can download the RPMs or Source tarballs from the Files section.


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